Want to learn to create female character models in Blender for Arma 3


In short, i have been pulling my hair out because i cannot for the life of me find any tutorials on how to create and upload a model from Blender to Arma 3.

The thing is that we are creating an RP server, but there are no Female models to put into use. The only ones available is sadly just a bit too small female faces on male bodies, so it´s looking a bit too weird for us.

I followed this tutorial

but sadly he is going a lot faster than i would have wished for so i had to backtrack about 50 times to keep up.
Problem is i cannot figure out how to import a model in Arma 3 afterwards. I tried to save it as the correct file, but it ends up as 0 kb nevertheless.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, i would be much appreciated.

here’s an add-on which is for 2.60:

Oh that´s very interesting. Thank you =)
I´l try that later today and hopefully get things working again.

The problem i get is when i want to export it as an P3D file for Arma 3. Upon exporting it, it ends up on my desktop but as a 0 kb file :frowning:

You should post about your problem in this thread in the bohemia interactive board :

The author of the addon and a few people that are experienced with that addon are posting and replying in it, and if you explain the steps you are trying to export your blender object into a P3D, they should figure out what you are doing wrong.

I have only used that addon to export some RTM animation keyframes for a sandworm model to use in the oldest game of bohemia interactive, i have no idea how the P3D part of the addon is working, as i am using an OFP-specific P3D export addon, but the guys in the linked thread know.

Very appreciative for all the help and for assisting with links!
Thank you.