Want to make a video tutorial?

==== UPDATE (06/24/12) ====

Thanks to Gumen and drfrev for their contribution.

This cycle is now finished.


Usually, I would only satisfy the top voted video tutorial request on my site, but for this cycle, I thought it would be a good idea to involve the community, and satisfy as many as possible.

So, if you feel confident that you could satisfy one of the requests posted in this thread (and you want to), make it known here, and I’ll reserve it for you.

Currently reserved:

  • Outline Filter - requested by Gumen (… couldn’t figure it out completely - went half-way).
  • Colliding 3rd Person Camera - requested by Morgoth (Ireneusz Gabrys - aka Gumen - already did that one)
  • Save System - requested by Haye (drfrev finished it - scroll down for the video)

There is no strict time limit, but it would be nice if everyone who reserves a request could have their tutorial up by this time next week.

Any takers?

I will try to do the save one.


Just post a youtube link when you’re done.

Here you go, I got held up because of having to use After effects because Windows Movie Maker was too low quality.
I hope this is the best method for saving and there isn’t a import save module somewhere, like with import antigravity.

An outline filter would probably involve a form of toon shading. If the there were access to depth information in the shade (i beleive there is) then you could perform a check with the depth of adjacent pixels

Nice work drfrev!

I added the link to the tutorials section on nilunder.

Depth information is made available via the bgl_DepthTexture sampler, but that doesn’t change the fact that you can’t differentiate between pixels that belong to enemy objects, and pixels that don’t.

I already asked martinish, and he confirmed that it was not possible (as far as he knows).

This is something that would require an off-screen buffer (which is not offered), where enemy objects could be rendered alone, and then the resulting image could be merged in a composite with the rest of the scene.