want to make an RPG?

I really try not to be rude because most people don’t deserve my rudeness, but games take time to make. RPG’s are huge games and cost alot of money. The process is long and arduous and I would not recommend those types of games. Plus, blender isn’t really made for that sort of stuff. Arcade games probably work the best in Blender, and although it is capable of large projects, it is not the best engine for bigtime games. Go arcade, because, in my opinion it’s much easier and much more fun. Brick attack, Asteroids and such are the games you should start off with. I would help someone even if they didn’t show artwork or something, but I’ve got my own project on the plate and I don’t want to get involved in a large project.:yes:


umm… ok.

An RPG that I’m working on…watch in smaller view…

Turin, Where’d you get the Idea for the other Knight?

I’ve had him for a long time, but just updated the texture. Do you want to use him?

I just can’t hold on any more about this stuff, about making games from just an idea, about things like:“Hey lets make a game, I have an idea!”…and ect. Making a game is so so complicated, money and time eating matter. I dont know if I’m allowed to post links to other sites but this site is essential ! I strongly recommend to everyone in this forum to read all the lectures there, to understand the whole process of making games and how hard this is really are.

P.S. Great demo Turin ! It can become really great game of that.

this guy is a genius, lol, I can’t stop reading his web.


wow Turin its turning out great! are u going to revive your old thread or start a new one or something.