Want to move an object hiting Space key

Hi! I have a plane on my scene and I want to move it pressing the Space key of my keyboard. I thought it was easy but I found problems:

  1. When I set the plane to be an Actor it changes its original position, depending on the Size value, I have to set Size almost to zero for the plane to be in its original position, if Size is bigger the plane changes its position by itself (without me hiting any key)

  2. I can’t move it!!! I defined the logic bricks with a Keyboard sensor with the Space key set, then the And Controller and then the Actuator with Force Set to a big value. Then I just linked them and I thought that was all. When I press Space nothing happens but sometimes the plane moves for example 10 seconds after I hit Space. But it moves not where I set the Force value.

The plane has a texture and Damp=1, if I put it a smaller value the plane falls.
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I cant really tell whats going on with out seeing it but i’ll list steps from scratch.

1.add plane
2.set plane to actor (not sure about dynamic might have to be for force to work)
3. add sensor keyboard
4.set key for sensor to act on “space”
5.add controller and
6.add actuator move with a force setting like (20, 0, 0)

and it should work

as for the size and location thing i say delete the plane and create a new one.

As for the plane just falling is there an object under it for it to land on cause it will just keep falling if there isn’t (gravity acts on dynamic actors)

also just check that you actors size doest overlap any object on start position cause it has a major collision reaction.

hope that helps

thanks, the Force isn’t working but the linV works!!
Now i need to find out how to rotate an object (i’m using the dRot) but with the rotation axe NOT in the center of the object, but in one side of the object, to simulate an opening door

np (I never use linv, no reason)

The rotation thing is easy just make the center of the object at the side of it or create an empty place it on the side of the door parent the door to the empty and rotate the empty.

Cant’ change the center of the object :expressionless:
I have this four options:
Individual Object Centers
3D Cursor
Median Point
Bounding Box Center

I select 3D Cursor and put the cursor where i want the new center but it doesn’t work, how do I make the center of the object at the side?

put the cursor where you want the center to be and in the edit buttons press “center cursor” that shouls work.