want to see image without rendering it

I put a uv on a square box, but I can not see it in the 3-D window unless I render it, is it possible to see it without rendering it, and also how do I see changes I make on objects without having to render it in real time?

Next to the Mode type on the 3d window header, there is a little sphere that shows the draw type - click it and choose ‘Texture’, and you should see the object showing the applied UV image.

I finally fount out how to do the first part of my question…thanks, but there still another one that I need answering, and that is OPEN GL where you can see changes done in real time, like in Lightwave.

Press ‘N’ in 3d view, and scroll the panels to get to ‘Display’ at the bottom choose GLSL and textured solid - this might be what you are looking for. I haven’t used Lightwave, so I am in the dark on this aspect. I usually just see the changes update in 3d view when I have it set to texture paint mode and the open UV Image editor has the image painting turned on.