Want to send an SMS to Farsthary? PM it to me!!

We have 18 prepaid SMS messages on an account with an online provider that does CUBA SMS’s. We have since switched to Skype (Yahhh Skype for fast and accurate SMS’s to Cuba) and want to use them up!

Anyhow if anyone would like to send a greeting to Farsthary please PM me your SMS message (be sure to include your name or username from here so he knows who you are) and I’ll send them to him over the next couple of days. Having a mobile is exciting for him, and getting SMS’s from overseas even more so.

Here’s his blog if you’re not up to date on what he’s working on now: http://farsthary.wordpress.com/

Don’t include any currency related things like $ USD dollars etc as these messages are blocked by the Cuban government (so I have been told).

Wife of Blendiac