Want to start company but first


I have rewrote this…

I want to start a company who will be specialized in 3d work, 3d animation, vfx for promotional and / or marketing adds for companies, interior visualization…
I’m also learning blender but want to make a website for my company and I need people who can achieve very high quality work so they can give to add on portfolio… The idea is that if the company goes life and I found customers then this work will go to the one who is with my company and specialized in that topic then I can give the assignment to him… We also need to discuss the fee we can ask to the client for the work offcourse…

But first I need to find a team so I can complete the website and go live…

I also need a good logo…

If anyone is interested please pm me or sent email to

[email protected]

Thx in advance

Kindly regards


Hey, I’m interested in your proyect, I have a little knowledge in websites if you tell me what do you want maybe I can do it, also I’d like to work in compositing, here’s my portfolio:



Here is my channel with videos of rnd’s and some Visual effects done all in Blender

Will send you a pm. Please do let me know if you are still looking for someone to do compositing / camera tracking.

Hi Patrick, i send you too an mp ! check it :slight_smile:

Hi, i’m interested too !