Want to try to install Ubuntu again.

Ok, so I wanted to try out Ubuntu again (I reformatted my PC not too long ago) so I downloaded the iso and just tonight got around to burning it.

(Its the Ubuntu AMD 64 bit edition btw.)

So I put it in and reboot, and it booted up nice and fast the first time, but then it was slow on the installer.

It was so slow in fact that I just hard killed the pc and rebooted.

Trying a second time the boot was SLOW. I waited about five minutes, and then the load screen (which is really cool, nice BSG touch, was the reference intended? ;)) went away and errors started popping up!!!:eek:

So, I hard killed it again (meaning holding down the power button).

I was really hoping to get Compiz working and such.

Maybe I’ll try downloading the general non-64 bit version.

It was so slow in fact that I just hard killed the pc and rebooted.

not a good plan!

if you can get it to boot again (which may take patience) then just install and sit it out…

not sure if it’s a hardware issue or a faulty download, I’m running Ubuntu 64 bit (full install dual boot with windows) and would never go back to 32 bit system for blender. Since you have recently re-formated your system it would be worth setting up a full install rather than running from disc.

You may have to download it again…

Most of the issues that occur with Ubuntu are hardware related. It would be helpfull to know your system specs and the Ubuntu version.

It wasn’t actually installing then so I don’t think it was a problem; it was just at the map screen where you choose a location.

Haven’t seen any negative effects so I don’t think I damaged it at all…

Most of the issues that occur with Ubuntu are hardware related. It would be helpfull to know your system specs and the Ubuntu version.
Right, duh.:o

OS: Windows MCE
CPU: Athlon X2 4600+
GPU: Nvidia 7600 GT

I think that covers it…:confused:

Anyway, I’m going to download normal non-64 bit and see if that works.

Sounds like a bad disk burn to me.

If the x86-64 live cd boots then chances are that it will cause no problems when installing. I would suggest against installing the 32 bit version since you will only have to reinstall later to get 64 bits…which you will eventually end up doing, trust me.

When you go to boot from the CD, there should be an option to do a disk check. Do that first to make sure that your CD is burned correctly.

Yes, I just found out about that on the Ubuntu documentation pages.

I’ll be sure to do that.

Your hardware looks O.K… I tend to use the alternate install CD and install in text mode. It’s faster and more reliable. If the Live CD runs O.K. without freezes or tearing it should work. The graphics drivers on 8.10 are better than the ones on the new distro. If you have graphics issues you can roll it back. Good luck!


Its frozen at 74% and its COMPLETELY UNRESPONSIVE!!!:eek:


Anyway, I finally decided to kill it again, since it was pretty locked up.

After a Windows did a memory check it booted normally and thankfully everything was ok.

I’m not sure what to do next; I want Ubuntu, but it doesn’t seem to want to get on my computer. :stuck_out_tongue:

I might try a different method of installation that doesn’t involve discs that need to keep spinning.

It would be really cool if there was a download specifically geared toward some other form of installation method, like a USB flash drive or something.

I think there are isos you can download thatare specificly for usbs. Otherwise you can take any iso and put it on your usb using inetbootin

Thanks, I’ll look into that.

Gah, spelling mistake, I meant unetbootin: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/

Sounds like a bad disk burn to me…

I agree with the above.

Hmm. Could be, but I ran the cd check on at least one of the discs and it came out ok. (Tho I haven’t done the others yet.)

So anyway, I eventually did just kill the computer and reboot. Thankfully all my data is fine.

However, there seems to be a phantom partition with nothing on it, as indicated by the hard drive size.

I gave Ubuntu 50GB to work with, and there seems to be 50GB missing on the hard drive due to the bad installation.

No broken data, but because of the bad install (it got up to 74%, which means it partially installed I think).

So now what to do? Can I try reinstalling it over that blank partition? Or do I need to reformat?

(BTW, I haven’t posted because I’ve been busy with other things.)



The way it works…

First it repartitions your hard drive.

Then it installs your new system.

Finally it messes with the boot loader.

Its made this way so your system is bootable if there is a problem with the install – assuming you’re not replacing the primary OS.


Burn yourself another disk, blank cds are cheap enough, and give it another go. When it gets to the disk partitioning part just tell it to use the already created partition.

Oh, and the reason to try a new disk is the thing that makes them cheap enough to not really matter in the Grand Scheme of Things™ also makes them not the best thing to use for high precision stuff like OS installs.

I think there may be an issue with my dvd drive though.

So it might freeze again.

I still haven’t checked all the discs, but I’ll report my findings when I do, I think the problem may be more my dvd drive then a bad disc burn.:frowning:

When installing Ubuntu, do not use it for anything else, until the installation is complete. That includes browsing the internet, looking at drives etc. Just walk away and let it do its job.

On a side note. Ubuntu only has 1 CD so I’m not sure what your refering to when you say your going to check the other CDs. Also if your CD burner & DVD drive are seperate then use the CD burner to install Ubuntu, if you think the DVD drive is unstable.