Want to Use Crystal Space with Blender

I’m desperate for a C++ game engine that could be used with Dev-CPP now, and I’m looking towards Crystal Space.
Questions: 1) How do you import stuff from Blender to Crystal Space? 2) When is Crystal Blend coming out? Does anyone know? 3) Can it work in a GCC environment, like Dev-CPP? I think that’s what Dev-CPP is…

Will appreciate any answers. :smiley:

1.) when they say exprort they mean that the object you created with blender is compatible to be mainpulated a.k.a included in the crystal space game engine… and its called export stuff to crystal space…hit the file icon…then scroll down to export…(note these directions maybe varied a lil…i havent used blender for a year…) if blender doesnt have a crystal space exporter then download one

2.) see this sticky https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=53167

3.) i have no idea…i use miscrosoft visual studio