Want to work on the next best game?

Hi my name is Henry, I’m working on a game for the xbox, pc, ps and steambox, We have the game engine etc, My guy is scripting the game as we speak, I however have been left to designing the 3d scenery, the game is set in a post apocalyptic but not nuclear apocalypse, full of adventure with different types the game is a mix between dead island, grand theft auto, fallout and other good sandbox games, is there anyone who is willing to come onboard, There will be pay after the game is released as we’re doing this on no budget, after the first game is released We know it will be a hit so we will be working straight to the second game, and all the team from the first will do the second, and recieve pay for it, as we’re hoping to be the next best big thing.!


Character designers, (we have pictures etc)

building designers.

Prop Designers.

Landscapists may be needed.

Vehicle designers & Weapon designers

Please note ( I Can design buildings, props, weapons, and never tried vehicles (I suck at characters)

If you want to be apart of this adventure please email me

[email protected]

Thank you

Do you have a story etc?
I am working on something already, I can design vehicles and I have a very good artist if you have sketches. in other words want to join forces?

I have a new type of building system I have been working on, but if your python guy is better then me he might be able to tie it all together…

in short I am interested

Yes The story is extremely good, have you got skype at all? if so add me and I can tell you the story


sure i have a great story line, add me on skype and i can tell you a litlle about the story

Do you have google Plus? you can set up a google drive, to work on the game together, and a google plus page for the project, and we can chat there and host video and images,

I don’t use skype :frowning:
but I can install it if I really have to :slight_smile:

Skype is pretty good as We use the conference screen to see our game engine developers screen, of what he is doing etc, plus instead of sharing screenshots we can have a live feed of what is doing so we know where to move something etc.

I am intrested, but not really willing to do a lot of Skypeing. I would, however, be willing to model any concept art (Props, buildings, or vehicles) you throw my way via PM) and do my best to give them decent textures.