Want unsymetrical UV texture for mirror modified mesh

Kinda new to the blender scene, but with some past 3D experience, I tend to dive right in and get water over my head trying to do weird stuff way too fast. But here goes.

I’ve got a nice space fighter that I’ve applied a mirror modifier to. I’m not quite ready to remove the modifier yet, but I’d like to get started on the textures just the same.

However, I’d like the texture to be different on the right side than on the original left side, but when I unwrap the mesh, it naturally only unwraps the left side since you do it in edit mode before the mirror modifier is implemented. I’d like to add some text and such, which of course doesn’t mirror well.

Is there a way to get around this, so that I get the mirrored side included in the unwrapping?

So fare i capture your problem i would say this is possible accept some restrictions. Wen i understand you properly then you would do apply your UV-Texture on your left part of the fighter, but the UV should be include the information of the right side? But the right side is generated bi a mirror modifier and you dont want to apply that to the model?

Yes, I want the UV texture to include the mirror-generated vertices when I’m unwrapping it for the UV map, without applying the mirror to the mesh.

Right now it only unwraps the left (original) side of the mesh and then mirrors that over on the right side.

Got any idea?

Try using the U & V check boxes under “Textures” in the Mirror modifier. Likely just U, if you mirror in the X direction.
It won’t show any obvious change in the image/UV editor, but the mirrored mesh will sample the texture from the mirrored X/Y direction of the texture.

I just checked, and it works perfectly fine with Texture Paint in the 3d view. Nice!
Oh, and when the Mirror modifier is applied, the UV coords will plop down in the right mirrored place as well.

@encn, I think you misunderstood me. I don’t want the coordinates to be mirrored to the other side, I want the mirrored side to have it’s own texture coordinates. Without applying the mirror.

Example: the original mesh contains one wing. When I unwrap the mesh, with the mirror modifier on, only the original wing is unwrapped. But I want the mirrored wing to be unwrapped as well, resulting in two wings on the UV image. I don’t want the left one to look the same as the right one.

What are the differences you want ? In your original post you mentioned lettering. You can add this independently of your UVs as decals mapped to you object with empties http://blendernewbies.blogspot.com/2007/08/video-basic-decaling-in-blender.html. This doesn’t care about your mirror modifier
Overall though this shows why you should texture once you’re happing with your modelling as you are just making it more difficult than it need be.


Hi im back
Mi Solution is maybe not the solution you realy need, but anyway. What you want to do is some differences on the other Side of the fighter how is textured exactly like the opposite side. You can try to bring that differences separately withe en other texture it work procedural some dirt for example. this type of textures ignore the Mirror, but is more a overall solution.
If you want to add som specific details like a code on one of the wings then you ned to draw this texture sepratly and exported a imagefile with a Alpha. Then you can load it as an Imagetexture an map it with objectcordinates. Than you can choose a mapingobject (an empty or some thing) to control the texture and bring it on the correct place on the model. then you parent the emty on the model, that the texture dosent can move wen you animate ore move the fighter. i try it quickly

What you get with the method I described is two wings on the UV-image.
Put the right wing UV island on the right-hand side of the UV-square, and the left wing will sample it’s texture from the corresponding UV space on the left hand side.
Because both the mesh and the UV coords are mirrored, text written on the left-hand side ends up non-mirrored on the model.
Unless you want to optimize UV space usage by packing the coordinates non-symmetrically, it’s a pretty nice way to generate a full UV layout by just working with one half of the mesh.

I may be misunderstanding you, but it really does seem like a possible solution to what you describe.


Thank you encn! I didn’t understand what you meant in your first post, but that image made it clear. I tried fiddling with the U V options in the mirror modifier before, but it didn’t become apparent exactly what it did.

Thanks for the reply guys. I know about decal/projecting textures since before, but I’m making models to be exported to a game engine with somewhat limited capabilities.