Wanted: Beta-testers for new renderfarm service

Hi BlenderArtist community! As this is my first post, I hope I am following etiquette and that I am posting in the right forum.

I am in the process of setting up a renderfarm-service at https://render.nextcreation.com and I am looking for a few individuals to interview and do a deep-dive into your workflow and needs, in order to understand what features to develop next. I can do email/PM or call you, depending on what is more comfortable and convenient.

The site/beta is open to everyone and has some options to provide feedback, so it is possible to check it out and leave less in-depth input too! Keep in mind that the service is currently in beta-mode (this being the only external announcement so far!), so the actual back-end of the farm is only at a very basic capacity, as well as probably a whole lot of features relating to what you need and would like to see from such a service (hence this post).

The benefit to you is (subject to the terms-of-service) free rendering and the opportunity to shape the service to your needs, possibly addressing issues you have with our competitors.

Please reply here or PM me if you want to participate.

Thank you.

Hi – Id be happy to chat with you if you like, Email is good, or discord is better – pm me for addresses


I am new to renderfarms but will likely need something very soon for a big project. If you wish, I am interested!

I will need a bit of handholding on the practical stuff, though. And I still run 2.79 for stability reasons.

@Embassy_of_Time, please PM me a few details about the timeline, if it is still or animation, and what you define as a “big project”. It sounds a bit like out-of-scope for the beta, but let’s see what we can do.

Just a follow-up: Based on the feedback I got, there is now support for Blender 2.80 + a few other changes.

Big thanks to everyone reaching out!