Wanted Blender Animator and Texture Artist

Hi there, I’m Graham and I am head of a small team currently working on a playable demo level for my game FEAR OF THE DARK.

And I am in need of a blender animator for character and monster animations.
My main character is nearly finished so the animating is all I need.
i.e. walking, climbing walls, climbing ledges, running and fighting.

Aswell as this I have built a demo level but have no way of texturing it.(still learning and the level is too much to handle at the mo)

The rough story:
post apocalyptic world nearly destroyed by a dark ancient evil.
monsters, ancient gods influenced by evil has taken over the world.
you play as the main character who has been resurrected by 2 desperate men to destroy the dark evil and save the world
your quest takes you all over the world, from rome to norway to niagara falls and finally the whitehouse.
think prince of persia mixed with tomb raider with a blade runner influence.

anybody interested send me a message and I’ll fill in all the details.


hope someone will be able to help me

any questions let me know