Wanted: Car Game Help or Tutorial

I need help on making a car game. I have tried over and over again, but the car or wheels never behave the way I want to, and I have a pre-built high/moderate poly (66K polys)Lamborghini Gallardo I would like to use, included with tires and materials. The Lambo looks a bit better than the Need for Speed Lambos, probably because it was originally intended for rendering. So I was hoping that someone would know a tutorial for making a car game. I would really like to have the tires actually turn, and have the car accelerate like a real car or in professional racing games. Thanks in advance!

I feel a little stupid right now. Have you ever had another member yell at you because they thought you were too lazy to Google it? Yeah, I wasn’t too lazy to Google it, I just forgot, and I posted this thread, and the 2nd or 3rd result down I found this. It’s a script specifically designed to make a driving game. But moderators, please do not close this thread, I still need a way to get other cars to race me (or whoever is playing), and if any bugs or errors occur, I’ll post it here. And even if all my problems are solved, please don’t close this thread.I like it when people reply! I like replies!

I’d reccomend you use this tutorial instead: http://www.tutorialsforblender3d.com/Game_Engine/Vehicle/Vehicle_1.html

It’s what I used for my game, 4X4. It’ll teach you quite a lot, and It’ll also be a lot easier to set up and tweak.

Also make sure you make a low-poly object roughly the shape of the lambo and have that as your ‘car’, then use ALWAYS --> AND --> EDIT OBJECT (replace mesh, the name of your lambo object goes in the text box). That means the physics will be calculated on the low-poly object rather than on your hi-poly car, smoothing everything out.

I’ve yet to find a way to get a good AI driving system working, but I am working on a few things. Let me know if you find anything :wink:

Good luck!

I never thought of the replacing mesh. why does it make it better?

Replacing the mesh makes it better because your computer would have to calculate the physics only on the simple mesh that you replaced it with, and the high quality car won’t have physics applied to it, making the game run faster.

And thanks for the tutorial tb1alexc!