Wanted: Character Modeller

As Airdale continues to develop, I need someone who can model several characters for the game. Each will have a cap of 1000 tris, so you’ll need to know efficient low poly modelling.

The designs aren’t rigid so you’d be free to mould the characters using some of your own ideas.

If you’d like to help out, let me know!

i would like to help. will you be supplying ref images or am i to just make something up?

I have basic descriptions of each of the characters, as well as concepts of the game’s setting. From these you’ll be free to formulate the exact models you want to create.

I have lots to do on the gameplay side of development, so this is why I’m asking for help in other areas :wink:

am in :smiley:

Hi Andy, Airdale kicks i want in on this!