Wanted! Checkerboard >>shader<<!


Please can someone make a Windows version of the rtilings texture plugin and tiles texture plugin? I know that there are versions for Unix systems but this isnt what Im looking for. For both shaders there are also the c sources so someone must be able to make this files Windows “compatible”… If not is there somewhere another shader for making a checkerboard shader, I`m so sick of doing this job in a painting software :<



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hey :wink:

you are just not curious enough. Check, on the same site, a parent page of yours:


and look for the “Download them all at once!!!” section, there’s a link to all pre-compiled Windows plugins: http://www-users.cs.umn.edu/~mein/blender/plugins/winplugins.zip

I suppose yours are within this zip archive! :slight_smile:

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This one seems to work: http://blender.isoserv.com/uploads/rtilings.zip

You don’t need it, Blender have a checkerboard texture function.

:smiley: Thank you SoftWork and the other! This is what i was looking for! With some faking I get the result what I need!

yeah, in image textures one option for repeating is checkerboard…