Wanted: create Empty at selection script/toggle

Yes, I can make a selection
snap cursor to selection
add an empty

I’d like to skip the snap cursor to selection bit…
shift S, C

Ideally, I could first right click the Empty in the Add menu and have an option to toggle ‘create at selection’.
subsequent empties would be created at selection until the toggle is turned off.

Will this add an empty…
where a bone’s pivot is?
in between two or more selected objects?
at the ‘average’ spot of a selection of multiple vertices?

no, but you mentioned nothing about such a need in your initial post.

It was implied by ‘at selection’, hope it’s clear now, sorry for any confusion. (I’ve done it in MEL; which was hell)

By the description of your script it puts an empty at each vert selected while in edit mode, which is nifty but sadly not what I am looking for.

-it works (except for multiple bone pivots)
If it’s possibly useful the MEL version…