Wanted: Film FX and Credit Rolls Creator

I’m not sure if this is proper to do, but here it is nonetheless. If one is not supposed to do this, then yank the post, censor it, recreate the collected works of Mickie Spilain or kill it. :slight_smile:

Wanted: Film FX and Credit Rolls Creator

My group is currently in preproduction on a short film called “Apache Point: Zombies Gone Wild!” and are in need of someone to place some small SFX in the movie, as well as due the credit crawl at the end and credit placements in the opening.

This film will be, if the Universe smiles upon us, submitted for consideration to the Tromadance Film Festival.

The story: A group of folks decided to have a party at a local camp. While there they are attacked by zombies. No, nothing too original, but there are somethings going to be shot that are pretty cool. What we need is someone to throw some fog in the end scene and maybe enhance the blood and gore. I’m told you can never have too much! LOL

The opening credits will be something stylistic and cool. The end will be your typical crawl over the end of the film.

We are working with somewhat of a time constraint. The submission has to be made before December 20th of this year. We shoot the film October 9th and then will begin the editing process. We have all original music composed for specifically for the film, and a special scene at the end I don’t wish to give out. It’s not even in the script!

I wish there were a way to pay for the service and your skills, but we are working with a budget that is non existent. Everyone is a volunteer and is donating their time. What I can offer you is a DVD when it’s all finished and an offer to meet us at the film festival should you be able to attend. We are going to hand out DVDs even if the film is not accepted officially. Gorilla distribution.

If anyone is interested and fits the bill, E-mail me at junk at towsive.com Put ATTN: SFX in the subject. We don’t have an official site as yet, but will once the film is done. For now you can visit www.towsive.com to check out what part of production we are in and what’s going on. Some blood test and vomit work is there as well.


Steven Spears – Director/Writer “Apache Point: Zombies Gone Wild!”

I might be able to help you out with opening and ending credits, but Im probably out of your reach geographically for anything really productive (i think anyways.) But you might still be able to use me as a last resort. Things get desperate, drop me a line and we’ll se what we can do.


Thanks for the offer. I’ve never gone through this process before, so it’s all a learning experience. My plan is to have the edited film available from my server, the necessary parts anyway, for download to whoever wishes to take up the task. Once done, they could just upload the completed work. We would communicate via E-mail or instant messenger.

It’s only a guess it would work with this method. You have any thoughts on what might make this process easier?

I appreciate your response very much!


Steve (Wriker)

I’d gladly help with this, I have both Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects, PM me if you’re interested.