Wanted: Male and female face renders in neutral pose with hair

I would like to buy renders of malke and female faces.
The style can be cartoon (rendered of 2D) to photorealistic realistic and the model needs to have some kind of hair.
Image size must meet a minimum resolution of 800 x 600 pixels with a transparent background in png format.

Important: The hair can not cover any part the eyes!

The renders will be used for further animation and featured in an on-line educational software project for kids.

If interested, please visit http://prepiano.com and contact me via the “FEEDBACK” button.

Please state your price and provide a way to contact you.
I would prefer to buy from a local Vancouver based artist and non local artists should have a way to receive payment via Paypal.

Please let me know how much you are charging and we’ll take it from there.

thanks :slight_smile:

Your link doesn’t work :frowning:

I’ve got two characters that might fit your style, Ben and Stella. Both fully rigged and ready for action. I would license them to you for $500. It wouldn’t be an exclusive license, I will probably use them again. So far I’ve only had 2 clients use them, so they are still fairly unique. :wink:

See them featured in this poster (attached).


Thank you everyone!
As expected, I’ve received a few quality responses from the community and will be finalizing something this weekend.

@ forgoblender
yes, there was a server issue sometime last afternoon/night (Pacific time) but it is resolved now.

@3dementia (cool nick)
I like your characters but unfortunately, because of the countless hours of animation and rendering involved, the images must be licensed to me for the time being. Perhaps we can do something down the road …

I will reply to everyone who has submitted their work sometime this weekend. :slight_smile:

Onemanblend, I can create two characters from scratch on cartoon stile for $ 500,00 + paypal fees.

The models will be rigged, then you will be abble to animate the body movements and the face expressions.

If you want to create a sketch of the character I can make the 3D project related to it.

On my signature there is a game project that Im developing.

And I will Send you a private message with some links to new projects that I made.