Wanted: One good armature tutorial

Hey, I’m not a newbie, I’m probably more intermediate, but I just downloaded Version 2.28 and my lovely IKAs are gone.

I tried using armatures instead, but the great thing about IKAs was that they could be parented to an object WITHOUT being influenced by the parent’s rotation.

Is there any way I can make armatures do this? Does anyone know about a good armature tutorial? I looked at a few, but they didn’t help me.

Little help, all you experts out there?

Best one is on BLenderChar website

It is duplicated on Blender Official Online doc too.


I left a link yesterday on the exact same topic to a tutorial that is also good. Couldn’t be too hard to find, as it was less than 24 hours ago.

my favorite is on BlendedPlanet

There’s a good one at http://www.dm7.net/index.php?page=tutorials/animtools.html

I guess the BlenderChar one is pretty good too, funny but I never noticed before that it could be used as a beginner tutorial.

Armatures are a lot better than IKAs once you get used to them.

try these also



Thanks WeirdHat, your suggestion is the best one I’ve found.