Wanted Someone to Model, frozen human Crystal Meshes

Looking for someone from the modeling commnuity here to making some frozen crystal statute people for me. About 3-4 of them the mesh dosen’t have to be all detailed like Make Human, but you can use simple basic human blocky deformed meshes with a purplish or blue crystal texture on it with a few crystal stagallictes poking out on it should be enough for what I need for this scene, as long as it looks like a human crystal. To get an idea, take a look at my game to see what type of graphics I have
for it.

The crystal rock people dosen’t need to be rigged, or made to look absolutely life-like with all the facial details , it would be nice if time was taken to do all that stuff, but I realise making detailed meshes take a lot of hours of work in Blender. You can use mirror modifiers to cut down the amount of time it takes to make.

But anyway these crystal people are all dead, so there’s no need for rigging its for the graveyard area where these people were foolish enough to go out into the plasma storms and got turned into crystal stones.

As the storyline goes in my game, the local Telorans put the frozen crystal statutes in the graveyard
just outside the main south city gates as a strong reminder to visitors of just how dangerous the planet’s unpredicatable weather patterns can be. On Telos, its either, A) Fine Weather, B) Plasma Storms, C) Random Solar Flares.

This is for my video game I’m making. (non profit game).