wanted to say hello i'm back :)

just wanted to say hello again from a time of being away.

decided to come back because this is where i found the best tips, idea’s and sugestions. however i did got a new acount because my old acount “nelis” just froze it didn’t acceptet my pasword, and same day it hapend to my hotmail acount so now way of retrieving that one, so just hello. :stuck_out_tongue:

and i’m also happy to anounce that my new site is finaly online
go to neelieweh.com

glad to be back and greetings from holland,


Welcome back!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything on your site. :frowning:

i know i just put it online yesterday but you can see a black background and the blender made menu?? and all the buttons work? and you can see a big countdown clock till newyear on top? if not i have no idea what it can be :-?

if not here is a clean link http://www.neelieweh.com maybe that works


I think WhiteBoy is refering to the fact that your site has virtually no content.

Actually, I did find something. I found an animation in your Animation WIP forum which brought me to my knees.

Check this out:

The music is priceless. :slight_smile:

thanx man, thanx for liking it and the music hmm yeah it’s almost christmass huh :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: so i thought lets make it in style :stuck_out_tongue:


hey all

i finaly added stuf to my site 3 galler pages :smiley: and the link page id filled

here is the link