Wanting a little bit of a change

Hi everyone!

I’m new here and not quite sure this is the right place to post this, but here goes;

I’m a professional composer and sound designer from a (predominantly) commercial background and I’m looking for some new stuff to work on and a bit of a sea change.

I’m trying to switch my output at the moment from less commercial work to more creative work like film and gaming because i’m stagnating and feeling unsatisfied and would like to break things up a little. I’m also kind of tired of making digestible electronic music. I feel my real talent lies in more cinematic, experimental and meditative music and I’d really like to find a collaborative project where I can explore those genres a little more and create something that I’m really proud of and I consider beautiful art. I wouldn’t just be taking anything that was thrown my way; it’d need to be the right project with flexible deadlines and a fit for the kind of music I want to explore so I can build a more diverse and rounded portfolio.

Obviously, I’d like it to be paid if possible, but it isn’t as much of a focus as finding the right project where I can push some boundaries and flex my creative muscles a little.

I’ve attached one of the most recent projects I worked on, which was creating the music & sfx for Huawei’s Y9 campaign last year.HUAWEI Y9

Below is my portfolio, which is almost all of my work to date bar a few recent commercials (recently finished with campaigns for Polestar’s new electric vehicle and fisherman’s friend). Please check out the “feed” tab on my website, as this is where I post a lot of WIPs and has a lot of my more experimental and modern classical music on there.



Hi all! I have just realised that my Feed tab isn’t working on my website, so here is a link to my Instagram; https://www.instagram.com/gtrbxaudio/

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Nice stuff man!

I don’t have a project now. But best of luck finding something.

In the past I have seen composer/sound edit calls along with other crew calls in the usual places. BackStage and Crieg’s list for example.

Might be an indie project out there that is a right fit.

Best of luck!

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Thanks Richard! I’ll keep an eye open on those sites too!

If anything comes up down the track, feel free to get in touch!

Thanks again!

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Sure thing. Again, real nice work. :slight_smile:

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I am an ambient composer myself as well.

Your music is very good why not realease an album , so that you have the opportunity to experiment with your own ideas and you can always sell it on gumroad or wherever you want. You can do it on your terms and spend as much time as you want on it.

You obviously have the skills and experience and I could definitely see myself paying for such album taking into consideration the first two videos on your website. Of course making an album is far larger commitment than a 30 seconds music clip but it is also much easier to sell.

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Thanks man! I really appreciate it!

Hey mate! Thanks for the advice and the kind words! I really appreciate it! Albums are really long processes. I am working on one at the moment, but it has taken me close to 2 years to finish due to recording with a string ensemble, sound design, and in between my other work - all while being incredibly hyper critical of any music I’m not being made to finish with a strict deadline. I’m looking to shift my output a lot sooner than it is going to take me to finish, and the only reason I’m writing it is to have a catalogue to present to filmmakers, etc. Not to mention I know my music pairs incredibly well with a visual experience, and is a much deeper experience when being used as a device to build a world and tell a story. As I already have a solid body of work with some big brands, I’m already a step ahead of having to establish myself and gain a foothold in the industry. I’m just trying to meet the right people at the moment to bring in some different work!

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One way to do that is to promote yourself to some indie film makers. Many directors make the leap from commercials to feature work. So a bridge between those two worlds is not uncommon and even often they inform each other.

Sounds like your album project would work well to promote to that crowd.

But also in the mean time, maybe find some ways to mingle with the film crowd and get your demos out to them. There are lists of production companies in LA. Maybe attend screenings, festivals in your area, and so on.

I have had composers approach me at screenings. I have had composers send me samples of work when I was casting. I also get the occasional composer send me stuff when I have an IMDB listing of a project in production.

Strangely I have never had that on social media.

But I guess you might have to do a little brainstorming on creative ways to find films that are in production, pre-production or development to see if they have secured a composer yet.

Your work already speaks for itself. It would just be a matter of making the right connection at the right time.

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Mate! Thank you for the wonderful advice. I really appreciate it. Since we last chatted, I pulled a heap of lists of screen Victoria (I’m in Aus) of films in production and have done a bit of work reaching out to production houses in between continuing commercial projects.

Again, thank you! If you have anything suitable pop up, please keep me in mind.

Great. I hope you get some bites. :slight_smile: Will definitely pass you along and try to hook you up if I hear of anything.

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