wanting local training

Very new to the blender community and excited to learn but stuck. I am willing to pay for lessons until i get how to navigate through all of the commands just a little lost and dont know where to begin. Ive looked into schooling but nobody in ohio offers it here in the schools. I’m in Lakewood, Ohio. I have the blender for dummies book Ive read some of the book and ive watched some tutorials. If anyone could take me step by step that would be great because this is a great opportunity to put my imagination to use. My goal is to make a movie for my daughter. Please Help!

Thank you in advance
Sincerly, Jon

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I have 5 years experience in Blender so I think I could teach you :slight_smile:

Have you tried the online course at Lynda.com?
They’re not free but the one on Blender Essential is quite nice (I’m using it to teach myself blender atm).

I agree with what everyone else has mentioned. Free tutorials all over the place out there for blender. Try to learn the interface first, then start to learn modelling. The tutorials I learned from haven’t been updated, so they would be of no help. Try looking for beginner tutorials at Blender Cookie plenty of free stuff there that should get you started.

Now let’s be honest here, if you can’t pick up some of the basics from online/free tutorials, then maybe 3d cgi isn’t for you. Not that it’s a bad thing, but some people have talents that other’s don’t. I spent 2-3 years taking guitar lessons, only to learn that audio isn’t my thing. I knew how to play a guitar and could play anything as long as someone showed my how, or sheet music/tableture, but I couldn’t listen to the radio and pick up a guitar and play what I heard, like really talented musicians do. It wasn’t my thing, but I can draw a better picture than any of those guitar players can…

Having said that, if you would desire personal training, I live about 60 miles from Lakewood, east of the Canton/Akron area in a small town. But I think you could learn more for free than paying me.


You would have to learn guitar for a lot longer than that to achieve such freedom.
I’ve been playing guitar for 9 years or so, and I still can’t do that.
Except for not so complicated melodies…
In case you are wondering, that’s how I play:

I am just glad to see so many Blender users in the Buckeye state, been waiting for a Columbus or some Ohio BUG to start. The time may be near.

I’m in Cincinnati, too bad you’re not closer or I’d help you out.

Have you tried Jonathan Williamson’s one on one training site? http://mavenseed.com/index.php

I have no idea how much he charges but you never know:) It would be worth asking, and I’m sure he’d be able to do distance learning.

There’s also Sebastien Konig…, you may know him from such films as tears of steel… ha ha, was doing the same thing some time ago.

Wrong side of Ohio for face-to-face training but feel free to email me any specific questions you might have and I’ll help out.
I taught Blender to a couple of high-school and college classes a while back.

you can also use Skype to call use. There is a list of Blender users that have their Skype IDs published here on the forum.

Sometimes this is faster than youtube or books because you can ask questions directly and get answers.

I would not charge you for it if it is not getting out of hand - Blender is free and I see this as a way to give back to
the community. I am in Detroit so same time zone.



I joined Blender Cookies, and its awesome. I’m a beginner, and I would be completely lost with books alone.
I also use other wonderful free tutorials on YouTube. I like VScorpianC, and Tuts4You, but there are others that are good too.

Nothing replaces one on one attention, but even if you get a personal tutor, you will benefit from other resources.