Wanting to buy an Graphics tablet, any ideas?

Hey guys, Im interested in buying one of these graphics tablets and seeing what they’re like, I was hoping to go for this ‘Genius G-Pen 450’, but i need to know whether it is color or not?. Does it duplicate the desktop on that 5" by 4" screen?

Colour? it doesnt have a built in screen like the wacom cintiq which is like a 100x more expensive… no this is a straight on draw on the tablet and look at your monitor. If price is a problem then genius is the way to go, but rather buy the m712 if you can, bigger size and remember to rather download new drivers than install the supplied ones. If money isnt a problem wacom intuos, but even at a quarter of the genius m712 size it’s twice the price. I want to buy a wacom a6 and that will cost me like half my salary in our country! Wacom Cintiq has a onscreen drawing capability BUT app there are some lag issues, however the Intuos 4 has been launched so maybe newer Cintiq will be available. And the cost… you can by a mofo of a pc with just the small ones price!

Sorry just followed your link - if you are a intermediate home artist and would like to do more advanced art go for the m712 or it’s smaller equavalent. It works out a bit more expensive, but way better in lpi and quality than the one your eyeing. Trust me.

Yeh I’m about to purchase one as well for digital concept art for games and animations etc.
As a hobbyist I’m not keen on spending heaps, there very expensive things…

My 2 options I’m looking at are:

  • The Bamboo Graphics Tablet (Suitable price at $AUS120, although a little small, but I think it would do everything I want)
  • WACOM Intuos3 A5 (Pretty expensive at $AUS400, would be nice to have, but i dont really have the money for it, my friend whos doing a course in game art has one, there very nice)

Oooh careful. I posted in another thread about the Genius letdown. The driver for the Genius Pen tablet I bought was terrible. Of course that was just the driver for the mac.
If your on Windows, the story might be different.

But definitely look up some more reviews of a Genius Pen Tablet, until then, Wacom is
still the safe choice.

Have you heard about the Intuos 4 that is coming out soon from wacom. If you go to their site you can see a preview video on the home page.

And for the record, I personally think bigger is better on the tablet. I’ve been using a wacom for years and I don’t think i could use one smaller then my 9x12 intuos 3. Cheers!

But I would love to get my hands on a Cintiqu. those are sooooooo nice.

choose wacom, is MUCH more reliable. CIntiq is the ultimate tablet btw, go for it if you can.

Well, it’s already been said by now, so I’ll reiterate:

Don’t buy anything else than Wacom. They’re expensive, but it’s the only kind of tablet that just works, and it does that perfectly. You draw, the tablet sends that information to your pc, no glitches, ever.

I’ve not used other tablets so I can’t give advice against anything, but I’ve got a wacom intuos3 and it is brilliant. No complaints, absolutely brilliant responses, feels great.

I asked questions about the wacom bamboo last year and got told to get a intuos3 for reasons unknown I didn’t, am kind of not sorry I didn’t get it cause the intuos4 looks pretty good am saving up to get me one from amazon cause graphics pads are impossible to find here. Most people highly recommend wacom pads and I think the are the safe bet, if you are going to be using you pad alot save up to buy a mid range pad like the intuos, quite a few people have posted how long the have been using their pads and it seems one can get a lot of mileage from them.

At my day job, we have a large staff of 3D graphic artists. They prefer to use Wacom Intuos 6x8 tablets. They say the larger ones are a pain to use, the 6x8 is just the right size.

Shop around - most computer shop sales assistants don’t know much but I bought mine that was $100 less others and does the job excellent.

oh crap… i was really hoping to get that genius one for for 75bucks. So it doesnt mimic the monitor on the tablet?-how does it work then?.

I thought the wacom duplicated the screen…

hmm…bummer…120bucks is outa my budget for the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it mimics the screen surface (even a part of it if you want to) on the tablet :slight_smile:

The reason why cheap tablets are crap, is because… well, they are crap. They stutter quickly, they stop working, they do this, they do that…

Wacom just does what you expect, it works.

Just to clear things up:

The only (good) tablet that has a real computer monitor in it is the Wacom Cintiq. NO other tablets have screens in them. Basically the pen acts kind of like a mouse, as you move the pen the cursor moves.

One thing that you could tell people is what you’re going to use the tablet for. If you are looking to go professional in 2D art, you’ll probably want the 9x12 Intuos3 (or large Intuos4). If you are going to just use a tablet just to mess around with (or to say you’ve got a tablet) the Bamboo is probably a good choice. I would recommend that you not get a Genius tablet…they’re cheap, but that’s where they stop being good. My friend owns a Genius Mousepen and quite frankly it sucks compared to my Intuos3.

I am among other people in saying that you should save up for a Wacom tablet (yes, they’re flipping expensive, but it’s worth it).


…this deserves a sticky… though of course it can’t happen. I’d be seen as an endorsement.

Wacom all the way. Try Ebay. I picked up a mint condition Graphire3 (old, but still works perfectly) for £20. There was a Cintiq (Yeah, the screen that you can scribble on!!) for £250 boxed, but the bid ran out in 30 mins and I was skint. :frowning:

I have a wacom bamboo, large one. It’s really nice, there’s no such thing as a battery pen or horrible wires and it’s very portable. I was going to get a small intuos because it had tilt-pressure but the apple shop didn’t have any in stock and I’m impatient. I think I prefer the larger drawing surface so I’m glad I got this instead.

Basically i just wanted one to mess around with. mm… might have to wait a while then. Thanks for the background info guys.


well i did find anintuos, 525NZD though :|. lol

i’ve made n tried with wii… modding - for low cost solution…

works good for scupting on 17" flat screen (1024x768).

That’s definitely awesomely cool, but does it have pressure sensitivity?