Wanting to learn about colour grading and correction

Can anyone recommend any good resources for learning about colour correction and grading?

I haven’t had much luck searching. I’ve found some useful and informative discussions of the low-level abstract concepts, but that only goes so far. And all of the “practical” help is along the lines of “I’m going to bump up the gain a little. See, it looks better?” with little or no discussion of how the demonstrator is actually making decisions about what to do. I suppose that may be helpful if you have good intuition, but I don’t.

To make things worse, I have mild/moderate red-green colourblindness, so I really need to understand what I am doing and why at a level beyond “fiddle with this slider until it looks right”.

Can anyone point me at resources that might be useful? Thanks!

Even if colorblind you can work your way into… developing your own style - finally, digital light & color is all math.
Start by getting to know about Light & Color… from theory to practical use.

Pixar in a Box - Color Science (Khan Academy) (whole curriculum)

Just as dialog, acting, and music are tools filmmakers use to convey meaning and emotion, color can be used to the same effect. But determining “color” is not as simple as saying “red” or “brown” because there are endless shades of color in the visible spectrum. In this lesson, you will learn how color is determined partly by the physics of light and partly by how our brains perceive it.

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This is really interesting. Thank you! I forgot to reply and say that earlier, because I was caught up in actually watching it. :slight_smile:

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Look at tutorials on waveform and vectorscope analysis, these are the display tools that show you changes in a quantifiable manner. They exist in the VSE preview window and in the UV Image Editor Window.

There are basics like angle of hue for human skin color and appropriate value for skin exposure.

This is an older video but the basics are covered (perhaps not as well as I would make today) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mq4iLQxsW7w&index=16&list=PLZI9BDZ5udV2aSW9Fifl5lqynLxyHTKom

This is such a great resource. Thanks for the tip.