wanting to make a small game

Hi i want to make a small game and get a small team going but i can only modle. I have not learnt how to script or stuff’, only modle.

if your interested please say so looking for anyone who is good at:

modling - need more modlers

people who know how to script in python.

and texture makers - people who know how to make textures (good textures)

thanks if your interested or want to make more, post or email me at

[email protected]


just an example of what i can do

About this upcoming game.

Being done in blender

Castle takedown Is a game where a player or players (hopefully) can shoot down a castle made of individual mesh, so that the blocks all fall down destroying the castles defense. and try to hit a target rtargets. The game will have AI in it and is expected to have a scaleof difficulty so that the player(s) can an choose his or hers challenge, but there will not be a easy (wink. Wink) there will onlybe normal, hard and hardest, then master and maybe more. I am hoping to have men that will attack the castles they will come out of the castle fount (just appear) we will make them do something later.There’s a lot of stuff to put in it so it all has to be as low Pollyas we can.

Game Types…


This game type will be connected to the different types of play. And differ to where the story line is at. And player or players can choose and set up there own castles and targets.The game will start with a player that has to choose a number of blocks (undecided number) and construct his or hers castle they might also be able to set where the targets go. This allows the to interact more. You can also save you castle.

Castle takedown:

Will be the type of game where you shoot at the other castle and nock itdown so that you have a better aim at the targets or target.


Hope fully it will be just rushing with your army. Like the game; age of war and age of war 2. Except in 3D. But instead of towers you have archers and the archers them selfs can shoot arrows then you can buy there might be different arrows to buy this will be discussed latter. Alsoyou can choose if you archers are of your castle roof or on the ground. We will have a separate castle selection for this so that the castles are one mesh.


This game type will be able to shoot at castle and people so it sounds like fun. The castle will be made of separate mesh.

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You should show some of the work you have done already, you might find more people are interested then

Like what acidpenguin said show us what kind of work your are capable of and people might consider working with you. Hint: people like it when they see progress to the game already started and it shows commitment.

thanks guys

this game is like angry bird?

No not really it’s more like tower defence games in 3d but what I am hoping to do is make the game awesome by making them start off with a certain amount of blocks and the player(s) can choose where the blocks go… so the more levels yougo up the more blocks you get. There are many types of blocks. We will discussthis as we go but the aim of the game is to hit targets or multiple targets. And we will also discuss other rules. But the main point is to get a basic part ofthe game up, which will help up later but I can only model and need others to help me i have set up a face book page and a email

I can do some not complicate bge python and logic

ok (whats bge) this will be fine but just email me at the email privided at the top… so that i have a contact thanks mate.

if you don’t know what the bge is i don’t think you should be starting a game just yet

bge - blender game engine :yes:

no i just have not heard of it yet

i’m still getting use to the sayings sorry im a bit of a noob but wernt we all at one stage.

I strongly advise making a very simple solo game first, you will learn a lot from it, including some basics and phrases, watch a YouTube series for making a Blender game. You won’t regret it.

i am but thanks for the help…