War against Iraq justify ?

Hey aner, i agree with you in goal and principal.

A) yes sadam needed to go.

B) its fashionable to hate, americans, isrealis, arabs, french (all for different reasons and all justifiable by the haters)

C) we need to think about peace.

HOWEVER where i disagree with you is in the method.

the means to the end are as important as the end IMO.

from my position i agree that the taliban were evil, that saddam was a dick, that all sorts of things were going wrong, but it was how the US and Isreal acted in retaliation (yes it is retaliation, i don’t see either side as more moral, but i do expect more morals from a democracy which is why i am harder on them for doing things poorly) that gets me really scared.

if a “democracy” can commit such “undemocratic” and frankly “illegal” acts then i am really worried. if china does human rights abuses, well IMO that is not as bad as if the US does. why? because china pretty much admits to doing it (well they don’t really deny it) and there is no expectation for them to change because they are run by a few people.

but in a democracy like the US, they pride themselves on things like “freedom” “fairness” “justice”… yet their actions are in many circumstances in contradiction.

it is that contradiction which bothers me. a few people dying here and there honestly doesn’t do much to annoy me. but doing it under the flag of perfection and greatness gives me the shits.

i personally think that many of the countrys being hated are being hated for good reason, however its the fact that each side has different reasons and is not trying to understand each other than only adds to things. everyone is trying to be right, rather than be alive.


I find that really ironic coming from someone living in the United States of America… :wink:


He is right, though.

And I live in the coughdisjointedcough U.S. of A too.