War Game Character in Development [W.I.P]

Okay so I’m still a beginner at this stuff but I’m working on my first character that I want to build for a war game that I intend to make inside of Unity. I know I should try to keep it as low poly as possible but the problem is I want a detailed character so I’m not really too sure of how to do this without adding more geometry to get it further and the way I want.

I was thinking I should build how I see fit without getting too intricate or carried away with details then focus on retopo to reduce the polycount.

Is that the right way to go about this? Or does anyone have any further advice that I can look into figuring it out better while I’m working on this before I get to far into it and then have to restart again. Luckily though, I’ve decided to do multiple version saves just so I can go back if necessary. Any tips, input, and advice is appreciated. Thanks!

Here’s kinda what I have so far just to kinda show you what I’m going for at the moment. I started with a Template Character that I built from a Tutorial so now I’m working on the actual Character to build it off of. I think if I’m understanding it right in Object Mode the total ends up currently at about 16k Tris.

Here’s another after adding some details to it for awhile now. All I did was leave it pretty much where it’s at and move around some of the Verts. Still currently around 16k Tris. I didn’t work on anything else yet but will show more when I’ve started on that. I think i’m gonna try to fake some things also but I gotta figure all that out.