War game, NEW 4 vs 4 mode, AMAZING AI!!!


i started working on a multiplayergame, LAN was easy to do, if you already didnt know, you can save info such as coordinates into a text file and reopen them from another blenderfile… unfortunatly, i havent found a way to make this game multiplayer online over the internet.

so i started to create AI, and i think i did a pretty good job. its very good, and is hard to beat, yet it is fair. take a look at some of these files, lol… i know the graphics blow, but it wasnt about the graphics… about multiplayer, gameplay and AI…

well… i hope you enjoy it… feel free investigate and take pieces from it.


Edit: May 25, 05

hey, i kept working on this game, lol. yes i know the graphics do suck… but the gameplay is quite addictive. in this new file, there is a team deathmatch, 4vs4, i got the AI to track onto different enemies (the closest one) by using coordinates to find the distances apart from them and the enemy. this is probably the most impressive character AI i’ve seen in blender, lol…well check it out for urself

download this if you have BLENDER 2.25, runs very choppy on 2.36

download this if you DONT have BLENDER 2.25, its a .exe


That was a pretty fun game jumping around shooting :smiley: I didn’t try the LAN but the AI was pretty good.

Only with a little more graphics…

Keep it up, I want to see more :smiley:

Very nice. Although I wish it didn’t use a text file for communication.

Awesome. Great work. Graphics blow chunks though.

Haha, the blue guy lost.

This is very very interesting. With the ability to jump, the red bot owns. Without this advantage, however, it loses horribly. I wonder why?

these stick people are 2 dimensional characters just trying to fit in in a 3 dimensional world…with guns. Yea i like what you’ve done