War of The Gaurdians Journal

War of The Guardians is a multi-player rts idea that me and a couple of others have brainstormed. The game takes place on ancient earth around the globe and each player takes control of a faction and a faction leader. The goal of the game is to eliminate the opposing teams base’s by using basic units, super units and colossal units as well as their main controlled character(the faction leader). Buildings and structures will be available as well as unit upgrades.

Features i want to include are:

-Over 10 factions as well as 2 faction leaders per faction.

-Without a faction leader you will be unable to construct more units until you revive the faction leader

-Faction leader is the most powerful character on the playing field with 4 unique abilities and items

-PVP including 1 v 1 as well as a 3 v 3.

-all factions have unique buildings and abilities.

-Interactive Environment

-Able to build multiple bases around map

-Each faction uses different resources which will be scattered around map and changed by the maps environment

We have completed various elements of the game but much work is needed until a demo will be released. Also we will try to update you guys as much as possible with screenshots. Blender will be our main model/asset creation program, and we may or may not switch to another game engine as the game progresses through dev. Have any ideas recommend or questions feel free to ask.

So when looking at some other real-time strategy games, what are your ideas inspired by or aiming for? From what I’ve read, I think Civilization would be what you’re looking at, unless I’m wrong. Or Red Faction. Care to explain?