War of the (Tiny) Worlds

I had a very silly idea for an image. Here’s the start of the 1st character:


Hopefully I should have time to finish this over the weekend, so watch this space…

intresting, did you get the idea from worms??


Great toon work! Can’t wait to see what becomes of it!


wow that looks cool, would you be able to post some of the material setings? the toon shading is so good



Looks like something out of vegetails

Thanks all. Here are the toon material settings and a few tips for good-looking toon renders:


1 - use raytraced shadows instead of the ‘old-style’ buffered shadows for a crisp outline on the shadows

2 - only use one light in the scene (a sun generally works well)

3 - The default settings for the toon materials look bad!

4 - Enable the edge-renderer in the render settings

More on the image soon. ‘Worms’ wasn’t an inspiration, but now you mention it, that’s definitely the slightly twisted ‘feel’ that I’m going for…

Nearly there on character 1:


Great job :smiley: Defiently captured the toon feel :smiley:

Well all I can say, :o It’s the best cartoon feeling I ever saw in Blender. Awesome work :smiley: I hope you finish a cartoon movie, it looks soo nice.

Your picture is pretty nice! :smiley:
I like verry much the cartoon style of it!
Your character is as great as he 's simple!
I hope to see a vidéo one!

very cool, my first thought (with both images) was worms, and like the other people I have to say one of the best usages of the toon shaders I have seen :smiley:

I have to say one of the best usages of the toon shaders I have seen

What? I dont know about that. Its ok but the best…