War Torn City. {New update bottom of page 2.}

<EDIT> Please check the updates further down the post, the latest render is at the bottom of page 2. <EDIT>

Hi, this is a scene that was inspired by a recent newspaper photograph of the ongoing troubles in Iraq.

Ground texture was made using Terragen. Bricks thrown around randomly, all modeled and rendered in Blender 2.25.

I’m not sure about the soldiers, I might remove them. What do you think?

Click thumbnail for larger vision.


Wire frame, again click thumbnail.


Please say what you think, I need to tweak some things but if I don’t stop for a while I’ll end up wrecking it,

Thanks, Sonix.

Soldiers would be fine, but these are a little statuesque… can you give them a little bit more life… either that or make them full-blown statues?

I once did a painting of war torn Iraq,…there were various bodies lying around amongst the rubble,…I wasn’t happy with the result, so I tossed it into a dumpster, then 3-4 weeks later, a friend of mine came up and said, 'hey I really liked your painting at the (can’t remember blah) gallery,…I said “huh?”,…They said you know with the bodies and the flames and stuff,…lol. apparently someone had fished it out of the dumpster and put it up in a gallery, attributed to an anonymous artist.

Fweeb, do you have any suggestions as to how I could liven them up a bit?

Modron, that’s amazing. Did you tell them you are the anonymous artist? Can you suggest anything you might think will help the soldier isssue?

Thanks for the comments,


Well the scale of the one in the back looks funny for some reason, so I’d either move him or take him out, and the one in the front is cool, but he has no eyes, so maybe you could put more od a shadow there on his face.

wow, that is VERy cool! but i agree with the soldiers not looking alive

reminds me of the sniper scene from full metal jacket

It’s really in the pose, I think, bend the knees, rotate his head like he’s looking at something, bend him a little forward so his back curves, adjust his gun so it looks like there’s some weight to it. I can’t tell from here, but it doesn’t look like he has any eyes… that would proably help a bit, as well.

Hope that helps.

maybe make the other soldier shooting at something

The bricks are too regular…

break them up, add lumps of grout, add a noise texture bump map…

wow, dude, that is kickass!!! i love it.

but, (and i know you’ll hate it :D) you’re gunna have to UV texture Sgt. Beavis over there’s face and arms. he looks too clean and almost makehuman-y.

you -might- be able to get away with vertex painting though…

perhaps a smoking cigarette (or, knowing you, a little something else…) would bring him to life?

Looks great ! I would try to add more details to the buildings (like those nice twisted cables), maybe some broken glass. Also the buildings have very neat, straight edges, I think you should give them rough edges so they look damaged. Oh and the soldier on the left seems to have very skinny arms, but maybe that’s just me.

i reckon you should pair the soldiers together, on second thought. put like a barrier to their right, so they have something to watch over, and put the second (left) soldier sitteng down behind the other one on a rock facingg away from the camera.

if you like, of course.

a sky would go down nicley too :D, that dust is a little intense

I second that, I’d have them walking slowpaced… as if guarding the area, or inspecting the rubbel :D. Other than that I think it’s great :)…

soldiers forearms look weird. bad proportions. head too.
could be a powerful image with some more work

Nice Hues (sp?) I like the way the blocks lead your eye inwards.

Hey thanks to all of you for your feedback.

The soldiers are makehuman models, but with some tweaking as has been suggested, I think I can give them a breath of life. (Smoking or not. :smiley: )
I like the idea of a barrier and one or two sitting down or something. Maybe a sandbag nest too, but I don’t want to overcrowd the scene too much.

The whole scene is intended to be at night, hence no sky being visible, but I might change this too, just to see how it makes the image look.

I shall also try to add some more damage to the building fronts and bricks, I think though I’ll have to resort to bump mapping for the bricks, because there’s over 450 of them and I don’t fancy changing them individually. :<

I’m going to add some bent and warped reinforcing steel bars for the concrete sections, where shell hits are visible. Then there’s the probablilty of lots of bullet holes all over the place. (Bump map? or modeled?) :frowning:

I’ve noticed as well the scale of the buildings on the right are a little short in height, I’ll increase that too.

Thankyou again, next update coming tonight.(Thursday)


I like it :smiley:

I think what have ben said on the soldier is right but I’m waiting for you to change it so I can comment :smiley:

Also, well I don,t know what’s your reference…but oh well I think that some part of the wall of the building would still be there…I mean the side that is completly open, you could put some part where the wall is still up :wink:
also…if all the wall blew up…where are the bricks?? they didn,t all flew up in the sands in front…there would be a bit more in the building :wink:

You could try for the soldier to put them in a stressful position, crouched behind a small birck wall looking around for ennemies.

If you want it to be a night shot, try a more bluish lighting, if you wanted it to be more orangish because of a fire nearby, try using a small intensity lamp to light from the ground to the face of the soldier to give more shadows in his face.

Keep working on it, it’s great, and I know you can make it ultra uber awesome :smiley:

hey, that’s awsome!

How are you gonna make it look more like night time? Not sure you’d be able to see the guy at the back if it was?

love the graffiti - and the composition’s just brilliant :smiley:

Very painterly. Looks like those paintings you see in Legion Halls, very powerful and thought provoking.