War Zone 2000 in render



Simple, but nice.

i’m hate to tell you but, the tanks are bad and the smoke and the fire looks like shit, maybe a blur helps.
elseway, nice concept :stuck_out_tongue:
send me the blender file plz

Its a good start, and honestly, that would make an excellent concept picture, but for a finished picture, there are alot of things that could make it better. What I suggest you do is go back and rebuild a single tank based on the current shape, but with a much higher level of detail. The same goes for the buildings. Add some windows, or protrusions, or hey, even some weapons turrets. Anything to make them more than grey rectangles that are sticking out of the ground. I would also recommend that you not use vector particles for your fire/explosions. There are several good fire/smoke floating around, and one of them is on the blender3d.org website. I might also recommend lighting the entire scene, since I can clearly see the gradient where you light fades out. Generally, when lighting a scene, you want to have light coming from multiple directions, and in real life, in the dark, tanks have lights mounted on them. Also, the AO (ambient occlusion) button in the world tab will help everything look a little more real.

I’m not trying to tear you down, but I really like the concept, and it has tons of potential that I’de hate to see go to waste.

I gotta agree with the above post.

You need more details on the tanks, and the environment could be worked on more. Surely the buildin would have the search lights incase invaders come and attack.

Nice try though!

YES !!! New blend update do in : http://files.kiseljov.info/files/warzone1917.rar 250 Kb.

( is video update :stuck_out_tongue: ) !
Thank very much .

firstly… hes basing it off the warzone 2100 game… and the tanks… although texture less… are moddled like that in the game… as ar some of the buildings… it would look SO much better if he used the textures.

ps… warzone 2100 is now open source and free to the public!!!

The source is free but not the game.

umm the game IS free… the companys out of business… and released it to the public… its on fileplanet.com … the FULL game… as a FREE download.

I just looked at the links you gave us in your previus post. I don’t find a full version, just demos, maps, mods and utilities.

i think you’ll need to make some print screen actions from close on a tank and try to make that texture

also make the tanks non-subsurface(keep it low-poly first!)

Stay Blending this thing :wink: