War Zone Update, and help needed for errors

Hello Everyone! I am curently working on a new project called War Zone, It is an FPS game that is in its first stages of WIP.

The screen recorder has a low frame rate, I have a slow computer, but the FPS wasnt that bad…

I have run into some obstacles with making my armature move correctly with the mouselook. Such as having the gun and arms move with it but the rest of the body stay still( any suggestions would be nice ).

I have also had a problem with the decimate modifier, on my body mesh i have successfully used it, but for the very hi-poly, and extra detailed head model(i spent a lot of time modeling it after pictures of myself) I have had errors. When I add the decimate it says," non-manifold mesh as input ." i am hoping this is just an easy fix or error on my part, but i have no idea what to do, any help on that would be great, because it is really slowing the FPS…:frowning:

You might have to try retopology instead of relying on a modifier.

Yea I thought I probably would, but i didnt want to spend much time on that.