Comet Digital, LLC is pleased to announce that Autodesk, Inc. has acquired the cMuscleSystem plug-in and technology. We feel this transaction is in the best interest of our customers and the long term development of the technology.

Will this act of aggression be the end of blender ?

What is your opinion? or illustrate it using blender.
Will Newtek be or allied or foe?

Blender forever…

Long story short, Ton doesnt seem to be the sort of guy to just up and sell his (and everyone else’s) pride and joy to a multinational. Sleep well.

wow, it seems like autodesk has been acquiring things left, right, and center all of a sudden.

Some people are showing concern over all of Autodesk’s aquisitions though. Do you know what happened to EA after it became the world’s largest game publisher, and all the people now who say most of their games suck?

Autodesk may spend a lot of time making small advancements then overblow with it with huge amounts of marketing.

Blender really is in a state where it can’t really be bought unless Ton wants to do it, and the Blender developers focus on small and big features alike.

If Ton is true to his word, his commitment to the OpenSource is strong as illustrated by the Orange and now the Peach projects that have no other reason but to show off the OpenSource tools (and not just Blender) and stimulate their development.

This being said, I am always defiant of a provocative (and mostly irrelevant) thread issued by a newcomer. Smells like troll to me.


Hmm, isn’t it actually impossible/illegal to sell/buy Blender? Being open source and all, nobody has exclusive rights to it, not even Ton.

Well, they could make a 3ds Blender and sell it in parallel, but it would be rather pointless given the liscence; and they’d have to find a new logo and all given that not even BF really HAS that …

/me doesn’t even know what what they bought is …

If Ton sold (yeah, right), they would have the right to future versions. Everything up through 2.45 is and always will be open.

It made a great april fools joke http://www.blendernation.com/2006/04/01/ton-roosendaal-leaves-blender-development-gets-offer-of-24m-from-autodesk/

but it’s only that. His (and our) commitment to open source is far too strong, and Autodesk would never leave it open if the bought it.

Being that the Blender Foundation itself (which controls the code) is a nonprofit, it’s above the meddling of other companies.

flame war bait.

That’s incorrect. To be able to “sell” Blender (that is, remove the current code base from its GPL obligations), each and every copyright holders (code committers) has to give his consent.

So, in practice, it’s impossible.


I never fully understood Blenders liscence i just know its pretty safe from ever being bought, or taken over or whatever.

Also wouldn’t the code that has been made GPL remains GPL? I see no provision in the GPL license for it to be rescinded retroactively. From there it still would be possible to develop Blender in a fork (possibly named by the Swahili word for ‘blender’ ?) while a closed source development be undertaken, kind of like the Mambo/joomla saga.

I don’t see what the big deal is. They just bought a plugin from another company. Compared to their recent aquisitions , this is tiny- akin to blender (for instance) taking some functionality in a texture plugin or python script, and incorporating it into the main executable.
I don’t really see this affecting blender in any way, shape or form- I could be wrong, but I don’t see this as an “aggressive” move.

Has the GPL yet been tested in court?

German court proceedings article against Skype…

Indeed it would.
What I was talking about was regarding relicensing: if a company wanted to “buy” and distribute Blender but keep it closed source.


  1. I don’t understand what the thread is about, never mind what the problem is.
  2. Isn’t it the most stupid thing to do for a company, that is buy out a open source app. Hello! The source code is out there already! What good will it do??

Well, they can take all of the community code out, thus taking blender back into the dark ages, and sell it for lots of money, even though the open source vertion will be better, and only stupid people, like all computer repair men, would by the Autodesk vertion. :smiley:

RNS please don’t post pointless things that no one cares about, and then make them sound important by titling them with powerful words such as WAR, and the end of blender. Basically, I am telling you to get lost…