Warbirds P-51 project

I’ve been working on this one for a very long time.
The project is to see if I can create the entire P-51 lineup starting from one basic model.
This is the P-51B/C.
I already have a P-51H built out of this model.
Next will be the P-51D and the F-82.
The old 3D model is very dated and the views out from the cockpit are pretty bad.
Warbirds doesn’t use any modern graphics engine as far as we know.
Bump maps or secular maps don’t seem to have any effect.

As a volunteer, I’ve mostly worked on aircraft I have no interest in.
But I learned a lot in the process and I’m trying to make this the best one yet.

are you going for high res or low res models ?

and is it in cycles ?

starting to look good but a bit low res for the mapping
but depends what you aim for !

happy cl

Hi there! Well it’s looking nice, and well you can see witold’s thread about the sbd dauntless here so you can see how he does some parts of the model, the latest he’s done is the wrapping and unwrapped textures, so here it’s:https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?370606-SBD-Dauntless-(US-Navy-dive-bomber)

And you can see his book for more details on his methods

i think witold also did a high res P-51 so ask him the link for it

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Thanks for the comments.
Warbirds is a very old game and doesn’t have a modern graphics set up as far as we know.
I’m a volunteer and had to figure out how to get it to this point.
I build in Blender, export as an FBX import into 3D MAX and then export the files that the game understands.
A decision was made a while back to stick with 3D MAX as the 3d modeling program of choice so, we’re stuck with it. It’s the only way to export the files that the game uses.
I have yet to use cycles.
Another volunteer tried it and exported the files from MAX and it didn’t work.
I’d like to give it a shot sat some point but time is pretty limited.
I doubt I’ll ever use it in Warbirds at least until they make a Blender exporter for the game.
Too much back and forth with MAX drives me crazy.
I also can’t see any differenced between the models that were built for the game a while back and mine as far as resolution goes.

The models are limited to 7,000 polys for the external model and 2,500 for the internal model.
I’ve been told that 7,000 is a lot but not being an expert the exterior is the best I can do at 5,400.
It’s tough to figure out where it will land.
The cockpit is close to 4,000 and I think I’m leaving it there.
Some of the very few cockpit models we have as an example range from 4,000 to 7,000.

I have Witold’s book and use it but I think he has a lot more polys.

so low poly only
and yes witold’s does high res precision modelling

did u ask in python forum if there was any export for the game you use ?

have fun with blender

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I asked in another forum but didn’t get any responses.
Can’t remember which one.
My guess is that one would have to be created for it.
That’s what was needed for the 3D MAX exporter (and it was very expensive)
What’s the best way of asking that question?

Nice, i have “fly” a long time with the P51D Mustang on DCS (Digital combat Simulator). willl folllow your work with interest.

just open thread in python forum and ask if there is any export script for the one you talked about
and give some details about it

there are so many import export out there
might already have been done !

if there is a good description may be someone can make one
you could also ask in the forum for volunteer work

good luck
happy bl