Warcraft Orc Head

need your help to improve the mesh.

Model this by following the tut on
a real model attempt at a 3D software

The 2 orcs look like come from diffrent clans :frowning:

when apply sub surface and set smooth, the eyebrow is flatten, and the whole mesh seems to be funny other than evil, but
has a obvious eyebrow and an evil looking. So, I need your c&c to help improving the mesh. thanx

1.what is the peer to LW’s Smooth Shift

When I say Smooth Shift, I mean turn on the smooth shift tool(shift-F) and click once, then proceed to tweak points and polys using Stretch (h), Move (t), and Drag (ctrl-t) tools.

in blender? I do many of the SS by using Knife, but in this pic

Now that I think about it I think I may have selected all the polygons and Smooth Shifted them forward instead of selecting all the points around the head in order and Extending them backwards.It would probably be easier to select all polys and SS them at once instead of trying to select the points in a circular order.

I don’t think Knife will help (is the author wrong? the pic says extend), so I select all the outter vertices and Extrdue them.

2.How to lift a face around a axis? I use Extrude, Esc, merge the 2 vertics on one edges, then move the other 2 vertices. Often, I have to delete face on one place and build other on else place. This method is tedious.

thank you again.

Hey that’s a nice tutorial, it reminds me the way I modeled my game char 1,5 years ago. The hand model technic is exact the same as I did. Altought that model isn’t really usefull for blender’s game engine, way to much poly’s, but I check the tutorial out. seams to usefull for me on low-poly renders, animations and cutscenes in games. :smiley:

sorry, I did not notice the title and posted on a wrong board. :frowning:
please move it to WIP :expressionless:

The eyebrow in the tutorial looks like a texture map. Moreover, it is a low poly model. It is not subsurfed. To create an eyebrow on a subsurfed model you’ll need one or two more edge loops in that area. Otherwise the surface will be too smooth.

Friggin nice. MAKE IT MOVE!!!

Nice texturing work! :slight_smile:

That image is from the tutorial, people. %|