"Wardenclyffe" 3D model enhancements postng

To all tallent: Hello!
I have a request to the community to advance an architectural model that I have made for a book collaboration.
The book “Wardenclyffe” is an overview behind the famous 1900 Wardenclyffe transmitter in Long Island NY by Nikola Tesla. I have did my best with making a photo-realistic depiction of what the facility was supposed to be… but in order to advance the art even further of this emulation, I would like to open it up to the community to improve upon what I originally constructed in Blender v2.79


Goals for advancing the 3D model:

  1. Faster render times for better animation render times. (particularly around foliage)
  2. Improve landscaping beauty quality (better grass and out of view background foliage)
  3. Improve roadway realism
  4. Improve indoor/outdoor lighting schemes (lamp post lighting. Can lights, and interior lighting)
  5. Improve architectural accuracy of brick building for future plans to import machinery etc.
  6. Generally – increase realism.

This is very open/unconstrained job posting… I need to figure out what is possible to improve upon and what that will cost. What would $500 get us? What would $1000 get us? etc…
If this project interests anyone, lets chat about it and we can enhance history together :slight_smile:

FB POST advertising of early animation sequences:

Wardenclyffe book:

Thank you in advance!
Most Respectfully,
-Kyle Dell’Aquila


message sent please check! Michael.

Hello Kyle,

I would be very interested!
I sent you a PM along with my portfolio!

Kind regards,


Hello Kyle,

I have PMed you regarding this. Pleas check it out.

Rocky Dash

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