Wardlso Shading

I’ve been using wardlso specular materials to emulate a tight metallic highlight on mechanical parts and foil. When I render a still image, things look fine but unfortunately when I render an animation I get a lot of grain and flicker on the highlights of my metallic surfaces. Totally kills the look. I have a lot of samples on my reflections so I don’t think it’s linked to that. I did a couple tests and it dawned on me that the wardlso setting itself is probably causing the issue. Is this normal behavior to expect from a Wardlso shader in an animation? Does anybody have any tips for “taming” a wardlso shader? I’ve played with the RMS but it doesn’t look like it’s helping much. I’ll probably just use a hard blinn/Phong and see how that works for me. I’d like to be able to reasonably use the wardlso though since it produces such a tight highlight in still. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Maybe there’s a render setting I may be overlooking? Thanks in advance.