ware bear

just a quickie, i made this for a univeristy facebook group challenge. the catagory was ‘creatures of the night’ its just for fun on a wekly basis with a new topic each week, i was quite pleased with how it came out.

(made a tiny change to lighting to show up the fur on the arm opening the window a bit more)



Nice… and spooky…

You scared the sh*t out of me.

:evilgrin: Now we`re talking!
5 stars.

Just imagine waking up to see that crawling through ur window half way though the night.


Omigosh, If when I clicked on the thread the image came up in fullscreen…
I think I’d faint…

Boy, he’s quite alarming!

heh that is a classic check your windows before sleeping moment, can’t hurt to check after all.

Great work :slight_smile:

couple of questions:
there is no glass on the window? his fingers come through the frame.
is he inside or outside of the building? behind him you see the night sky, but on this side the wall of the house looks like it’s bricks that belong to outside of house…


If u look closely you can see that his fingers come through a broken section of the window. :cool:

i think the design is good, and with his mouth open he looks freaky :smiley: i thnk some AO could help some, and his face looks a little plastic, but all and all, he’s pretty scary lookin :smiley:

He added that yesterday. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for for comments ppl, im glad that its gving off a sort of scary feel.
AO is actully on 12 set to ‘both’ so its very much on, i fulyl agree bout the skin, i just cant get skin to look right, i tried a bit of sss but it looked worse than without it. hehehe and yer, the glass was added after, i only saw it myself after i posted the first time.

Great image. The tilt of the camera really helps with the mood, which is SCARY.
By the way, did you win that challenge?