Warehouse at Sea (Weekly Artwork: 124)

Weekly Artwork No.124
something similar to last week, kinda been working on
trying to get those night scenes a little better, but so
far it seems to be doing well.

Fun fact: you can use a Volume Direct Pass and use a screen blend mode to push out a little more volume, Admittedly it is intense in this one, Last week’s one got it spot on but, I wanted to see how it goes with cranking it up a little more than the comfortable levels.

Here are some behind-the-scenes:
▼AO Pass:

▼Final | Render

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anyways, as always I hope you all are having a great day/night, and also let me know what you think!


I didn’t notice it with the phone booth, but this scene has really strong Alan Wake vibes. Oddly though, I feel like if you were to put a lighthouse in the scene it’d give off more of a BioShock Infinite-y vibe. :thinking::thinking:


That’s exactly what I was thinking!
It gave me bioshock vibes and I just kept going with it. And ultimately liked it more than say a lesser intensity from the volumetric effect.

Also I must admit, I did color grading after adding the pass, in the way I do my colorgrading I need to rasterize both of the layers togeather thus resulting in a destructive workflow step (I know there’s non destructive ways to do this within Photoshop). But I kinda got lazy here and rolled with the intense feeling anyways :sweat_smile:

But I ultimately wanted peoples feelings on that aspect as it clued me as to how people would take it compared to my viewpoint on it creativity, it’s definitely interesting we both have the same viewpoint on that detail

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For those curious about this, it’s the overall volumetric effect from the lights in the scene. That “god ray effect” that we are talking about

And we are comparing that effect with this artwork vs my Phonebox at Sea artwork

…now I’m beginning to wonder what this would look like if the sky and ocean were inverted, sort of like that scene in Pirates of the Caribbean 3 where they flipped the ship and the camera shows the inverted vessel underwater.

My guess is it’ll either look great and unmistakably BioShock-inspired or it’ll be an absolute waste of electricity even just to render in the viewport :joy::joy:

The up is down scene!

I actually wanted to make something like that in the past, I will actually add it to the list of things to do!
It probably won’t be a little island artwork as I want to keep some consistency there but still you have made me think :thinking:

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Love it. Such ware. How house.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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