Warehouse of OoOzZ

After much tinkering with textures i finished it.
The wall is very simple I did it in about 10 seconds.
All other textures I really worked on.
This is my first real Finished Project. And my first scene.
Im quite proud of it myself and my dad thinks its kewl so here it is.


C&C encouraged.
Thank you

give it up for original and modeling and texturing but i find the project boring and pointless! Good job for your first project and scene though! :wink:

Still needs alot of work IMO, but it is your first blend :wink:

Hey, that’s neat :slight_smile: Good work.
Now you need some more ooze machines to process the tubes and stuff :wink:

I like it.

Maybe turn down the brightness of the goo, and add a halo effect to the goo, so it looks like it is glowing.

For a little something extra in it, have one of tubes smashed on the floor, and the goo in a puddle glowing.

That would look even cooler.

Reminds me of that scene in spiderman 2 when harry smashes that mirror and walks through and finds all his dads secret stash of “green goblin” stuff. :smiley:

Hmmmm, I might just make that. 8)


You freakin idiot! I havn’t seen the movie yet! :<

lol :expressionless:

I agree with Ataryu, "You freakin idiot! I havn’t seen the movie yet! :< "!!!

The pic looks cool, but I also think it need some more work.

Good job on your first blend though! :smiley:


I LIKE it! It is not boring and pointless at all, it is quite fascinating and anyone with half an imagination should be able to have fun with it. And Prince, you might consider being a bit nicer considering your past projects (albino Suzanne, for example). This took some time, lots of creativity, and is head and shoulders better than anything I’ve seen out of you, so show some respect! I like it a lot. I think if you’re done with the project, gryphon, you could be done with it and be happy, but there are always option for more details and fun stuff. I’d like to see halo effects, and other things, but it looks great.

Ill take some of those ideas into consideration.
But that isnt my first blend, its just my first scene.
Ive done a lot of art type scenes but nothing remotely like this.

When you say make the tubes more bright do you mean like this
(the above pic is from my WIP)

Thank you for all the comments.

I like the idea with the bright tubes, but then everybody looks right into the middle, where there is a plain gray wall.

A bright-lit door in the middle of the wall would be pretty cool, or some kind of machine for further use of the tubes.

Also, make a transportation system like some chains and hooks to carry the tubes away.

I really like the second pic, would be cool if there was some sort of reactor at the end though.