A warehouse inspired by the matte painting in Raiders of the lost ark. What was originally supposed to be sack looks like gold for some reason. Anyway I can’t think what is missing from this picture, it just doesn’t feel right.

nice work and great style!!
Looks realy great!!

I like it.

It could use some stenciling on the crates, some scuffs and some wear. Also, you could use some different sizes to the crates instead of all the same size, though that means a new texture to keep the scale fo the wooden boards consistent.

DOF might be nice too, this seems flat right now.

Some color variation in the textures, as well as some lighter areas - everything seems to have the same monotone level right now.

Maybe the lights can be a little bit close to the ceiling , it looks like they are very close to the floor.

thanks for the advice, I will have a new version soon.