warfly and character rig

hello im already registered for a while but not so active on this forum.
basicly cause i like to do things by myself.but now i want to finish this asap.so a few questions.
-Is this a good rig for 3d still and or maybe later animation
-Some of the vertices in the fingers wont go along in pose mode (i used a armature constrain on the body mesh without parent them)but now i dont see my vertex groups.
-Read somewhere did a could use envelope to create vertex groups,so should i keep that (alt+skey) grey inside the mesh or outside,And is it possible to scale Alt+skey in the axe you want?.
C&C welcome.


The bike looks good, nothing needs changing there I reckon. It’s very difficult to comment on the character riding the bike and to help you out if there’s no clear image !!.

What you could try and do to get your character visible again is to go into object mode and see if he then reappears, if not look for the object center point and click on that. If that does’nt work try ALT-H as you may have hit the H-key to hide it by accident.

Hope it helps.