Warhammer 40000 - Death Korps of Krieg

Hi all!
As it happens, I’m currently working on some characters for a comic. If all goes to plan, it will be a webcomic, and at the very least it will be one strip for homework.

The Death Korps of Krieg can be seen in all their detailed resin model glory at this page:
[Link Removed]

I haven’t got on very far yet, but here is what I have of the main Death Korps model. Variations on this will form the vast majority of the characters, although there will of course be exceptions.

[Image Removed]
[Image Removed]
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Please note, this has nothing to do with any world wars, and I intend no disrespect to the soldiers who fought in any war in making this character, nor do I wish to offend anyone.

Criticisms welcome.

Sounds interesting generally, I’m not sure why but the model looks off from human anatomy, which could be due to the suit or artistic variation. Keep us updated.

that looks like some of the hand drawn charecters ive seen ina comic strip lol

Re: anatomy: Anything specific? The legs will seem longer once he has feet going past the trenchcoat.

Re: comic: Would it be Gone with the Blastwave?

I’m currently working on giving him legs.

[Image Removed]

He now has feet. Unfortunately, he hasn’t yet got legs to accompany them. Unfortunate, that.

Perhaps more significantly, I’ve rejiggered his proportions a little, so now he is a lot thinner horizontally, and looks less awkward.


Pesonally, I think his hat extends a little too far forwards, and perhaps I should move the eyepieces down a little.

yeap, thats the comic lol

:smiley: yeah, thats a good one…

I don’t mean to be rude, but this is the Focused Critique forum, not the ‘webcomic discussion’ forum. I, too agree GWTB is good, but it would be a lot more useful to have critiques on the model.

Personally, I think the feet look odd and cartoonish, even if they are somewhat accurate to the original model. I intend to redo them as boots. Also, I have a feeling his head might be too big. I may edit this post with updates, but I would be very happy indeed :smiley: if somebody would critique it.

Remember, the Squats got eaten by the Tyranids :wink:

I think you could benefit from using orthographic views of people. So far, the guy is way too short, and his goggles can’t actually line up with the eyes.


I don’t think they look like German soldiers from first World War but SS units from Second WW.
“Death Korps of Krieg” tells it all.

You probably don’t do this in history class or you would know these were the Totenkopf-SS Kommandos.

I don’t like to find this Nazishit here on the forums. Really.

I am very sorry if I have offended you, as I said I do not wish to offend anyone, instead I wish to remake some characters from the universe of the game Warhammer 40000, who, past some visual resemblance in this case, have absolutely nothing to do with anyone from the real world, both modern and in history.

If I didn’t make this clear, I in no way support Nazism, nor do I support events during the Holocaust, the World Wars, or Nazi Germany. They were indeed horrible. If your family or yourself have during these times, I am very sorry. But - and let me reiterate this - this character has nothing to do with any of that.

You are correct in the assumption that I have not yet covered these in History class, as mainly the focus has not been on Germany but on the other parts of the world, specifically Britain, during the war (at the point in which it was being covered). I am learning more about Germany now, but thank you for pointing out my mistake.

I will, however, retract images of the model to avoid offending anyone else, as this is certainly not the reaction I intend to provoke. I will attempt to make the model less similar to anything from human history.

I think you could benefit from using orthographic views of people. So far, the guy is way too short, and his goggles can’t actually line up with the eyes.
Thanks, especially for the image reference, I thought the proportions were off - none of my references are in especially good poses, and a google search for human proportions didn’t give such detailed images.

In my first attempt to correct it, however, it came out rather awkwardly, nonetheless I will persevere using the reference you gave me.

that ref picture is from a Loomis book if you search around there’s a web site that has every page scanned and kept for historical value (i guess) its great source of information for character creation.

Hey, neablo. Check it out. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Imperial_Guard_(Warhammer_40,000)

It’s a game. Hey, guess what, another regiment is called the ‘ice warriors of valhalla’ and it’s modelled after WWII red army. Holy crap, get that communist junk into the nearest burning pile! And, uh… stuff. Yeah.

Can you at least check the references before demeaning this guy’s stuff as ‘nazishit’ or is that too convenient. Honestly. You wanna do something to justify your existence, go out into a graveyard in the middle of the night and stop delinquents spraypainting swastikas on war memorials and jewish burial sites.

He already said that despite the similarity he didn’t want to offend anyone, there’s no need to stomp on it like that.

And guess what, they ARE modelled after WWI soldiers, apparently, not WWII. It says on the site. Another tip is the full-faced, breather-in-a-box gasmasks.

Before you accuse me of being a nazi and practicing sig heil in my closet, I think hitler was a bastard, not to say completely insane, and that the whole concept of the Final Solution(holocaust) and the ethnic cleansings was a vile abberation of humanity’s natural rights. That doesn’t mean you have to kick this guy though. Grow up.

Here’s the link jessegp mentioned, and which I used: http://www.fineart.sk/index.php?s=8&cat=12

Mate dont let nazi phobes stop you, even if you were actually making a ww2 SS soldier you shouldn’t let someone having a whinge on the forum stop you.

The simple fact is if you mention nazi ism or something thats like something to do with the nazis there are some people who just get upset, they should learn to live with it.

(Just as an aside, while the nazis did do some good things, and some good things were done by other regimes as a result of thier actions, they also did some terrible things, the amount of which far outwieghed any goods. I niether am a member of the nazi party or agree with thier ideals.)

Well actually I do agree with thier selective breeding program, as it would benefit the human race, but I dont agree with the mass murder of those who are deemed inferior.

Anyway my mindless nazi babble aside, Re-post your pics and recieve the great help avalable on this forum.

It will be greatly usefull to you.

neablo:- Just because you dont agree with something, dont complain like this. If you dont agree with a topic, dont contribute.

Yes the model as rendered apears to be a WW1 german soldier, although I think the similarities were drawn more from the Death Korp name rather than the appearence.

Eh, people should be allowed to marry who they want.

I’m just going to add here that, while I am not against hc00, I am not aligning myself with anything he said.

Okay, z-axis, thank you for your explanation.
Please return to the topic, thx.

And Hc00 will probably get post from an admin.
Thank you for your outing as a nazi, this gives me the satisfaction to take NONE OF YOUR POSTS IN THE FUTURE serious as it is just stupid “babble-babble”… (as you said yourself)
and everyone else should consider this, too.

Neablo, you are both unobservant and a hippocrit. I’m sorry for you.

Anyway, z-axis. Post up those pictures again, there was never anything wrong with them in spite of what neablo said.

yes, of course blackboe.
Thank you for being sorry for me, you don’t have to be.
And you should also refresh your history knowledge if you have some. I mean, I am German and I should be able to differ between a Erster Weltkrieg (WWI) and a Zweiter Weltkrieg SS Soldat (WWII) and these gas masks say nothing here but are just stuff to give people like you the feeling to have sooo cool toys.
And if I would justify my existance by erasing the whole nazi ideology it were really a worth reason to live. This ignorance towards the things happening just because of this ideology is pissing me so much off :mad:

Now, if you want to continue this discussion you are welcome to write me a pm.

This has got completely out of hand. Requesting topic lock.

What happened to my post?

Anyway READ my posts people READ them.

Dont just go, he said the nazis did something good, he is a evil nazi!!1!111!

I said I am not a nazi and dont agree with thier ideals.

Apart from the selective breeding, But I dont agree with the way they went about it. (I cant be bothered explaining how I think it should be done as it will take a while)

(And now that I think of it in more depth than usual, selective breeding as I believe it should be done is pointless with the advent of genetic engineering so I support G.E. now more than selective breeding :))

When did I say I was a nazi?

And yes they did some good things and some good things were done as a result of them, but as I said the bad far outwieghed the good.

And the nazi babble was a joke for lords sake.


And yes this should probably be locked and the author make a new thread.