Warhammer 40K-like Tau Drone


Hey Guys. I´m doing this project because i discovered the Warhammer Dawn of War games on my Computer again. They´re making a lot of fun and i thought “Why not model some high-poly Models of the ones in the Game, just for fun”

So i searched for some programms of Modders to get the original mesh Data from the games as reference
(because there aren´t such usable references on web in my opinion, if you know a site where they have good ones i would appreciate to know this :slight_smile: ).

So after some hours of try and error and reading modding-sites, i finally got the mesh data … and saw that the models (the game´s out of 2004) are really low poly and are not usable without any other refrences like textures ect.

But this is the way i´m going now… mesh data plus pictures and i think it´s okay.

I started with a model of a Tau-drone because i think it´s some of the easiest models in the game.

This is what i got so far.


Blocked out some basic shape to get a feel for the forms etc. And for the fact that there isn´t “the one” Tau-Drone im quite confident with the model so far.

PLease let me know what i could do better in your opinion!

C+C are welcome as they are constructiv :wink:

So im going on now

Happy Blender


Nice work so far.

Are you trying to model it after the game ones or your own version?

The top bunker head usually has mounting slots for all drones,i’m not sure what you call the shape on the right side of the head but the drone usually have one big one the left (yours is on the mark) and 2 smaller ones on the other.The drones also have a radiator type thing on the back of the bunker head.

At first thx for watching and for the reference pics ! Are they done by yourself ? Looking good !

I´m aiming for an game-like design with personal touches. (im planning a city scene with an digital Camoflage on the drone)

The Antenna like thing you think of aren´t you ? This will be added and i don´t know how i´ll add the connections for it. But i have to do them of course.

With radiator do you mean the grill-like on the back of the bunker head ? Or what do you mean with this ?

Some Progress:


Nope,i found them online.

i only have a kit for the Space marines,if you can find some Tau kits then you should have a good chance of getting a drone model with it.

yep,there are grooves for the antenna in the head.You can probably use the Boolean modifier to create the grooves and just patch up the bad faces afterwards.

Yep,the grill at the back.Still lots of English words i am not used to.

Thank you for the tip i´ll check that out!

But i´ve made some tests with Textures first, to get an idea of what the scene will look like further.

here´s the drone with some digi-camo on it with an city environment pic. The textures not bad at all but will get some tweakings later on.

I´ll try your tip with the boolean modifier (haven´t used it ever bevore, but sounds like an idea).

The grill is modeled but i´m not confident with it so i´ll show it when i overworked it :wink:

Yeah i find some new words everytime i open a thread or reply to something :wink: But it´s good practice in english at all i guess :slight_smile:


Another Update, mainly worked on shaders …

Next i´m going to work on the guns and the circular piece with the weapon arms and of course the antenna !

Any thoughts ?


Another Update:
I modeled the Antennas and did some little, maybe not so noticable improvements like adding some cabels and things.

Next will be to make the drone a little bit battle worn so that it will fit in my final scene which only exists in my head at the moment :wink:

Feel free to give some critics if necessary :slight_smile: