Warhammer 40K Marine

Working on a new project to make a squad of Ultramarines from the Warhammer 40k universe. Would love any C&C.

I also made a sword for him


By the way, here are the current issues I am having with this model, perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.

  1. I cannot quite figure out how to get decals working. I have tried the method listed in the blender wiki manual of setting the image to a texture channel, inserting an empty normal to the surface where I want the decal, setting ClipCube and UseAlpha, and then setting map input to the empty object, but nothing happens. Has anyone else found something like this before?

  2. Eventually I want to be able to make the model look “dirtier” maybe some carbon scoring and some chips in his armor and a smattering of blood. If anyone could point me towards a good tutorial on any of these subjects that would be great.

PS - Blenderhead warhammer fans out there? Anyone want to make a blender/warhammer repository?

I tried decals and they are a pain in the arse. You are much better uv-mapping your trooper. That will make adding stuff like dirt maps and general grime and wear much easier!

I used to play a lot of ‘Space Hulk’ and I used to do a sideline in painting the figures. I painted a set of 40K Space Marines for a freind of mine. Good fun!

I used to work down the road from Games Workshops studio in Nottingham. They have a huge statue of a trooper outside!

Here is a more recent render with a little cleaner materials and a decal.I decided to go with the Empty/ Map Input method for decalling which works very well when you are only applying one decal to a material, but I am having trouble with more than one decal per material. For some reason it only shows the top most image in the texture channel list. Does anyone know how to fix this or a work around? I wanted to place several other decals on the helmet object. Also, I can’t seem to upload video links, the forum tells me it needs to be moderator approved and it never gets approved. Anyone know about this? I am trying to post links to my photobucket page.


I prefer the noise texture of the helmet in the first one , but I prefer for anything else the last one. Very good work , keep going!

Thanks for the feedback, I am still really looking for a helpful blendermaster to give to any tips about setting multiple image texture channels and having them all show up on the model. Also, if any Moderators are around, every time I try to post a link to a video of a 3D spin I made it says its awaiting moderator approval but never goes through. Am I doing something wrong?

Honestly, for what you are doing, UV mapping is the best way to go. I played with decals once and got it working, but if you move anything and forget to move your empty, or try to tweak stuff afterwards and have to go through loads of different decals - mehhh!


Definitely use UV maps, that is the best way to texture your model.

Ok ok, I will go back and switch to the UV mapping technique

You have a couple errors in your models that I am seeing. For instance, the nose of the marine, and the tip of the sword. Unless I am just seeing something… But good work none the less.

NIce start! I would say give to it some bump.

Added some body and shoulders, havent really made them very detailed yet though. Still cant figure out how to post a video on here, but I am rendering a few animation of this model.

The face plate in the helmet seems a fraction too sunken, but otherwise it looks pretty good. Do you still want a copy of my rhino?

Finally have some progress made. I played with the shrink wrap modifier and if anyone out there hasn’t tried it yet its really useful and straightforward to use. I had some trouble trying to use the UV mapping technique for applying decals: it seems that the faces of my mesh are a little wacked out and a lot of them are facing the wrong way (flipped normal). Short of painstakingly going through and flipping them back out again, I am not sure how to correct this. Also, I am wondering if anyone knows what error I may have made while modeling to build in this defect. C&C also appreciated.

this is a great idea!! im sorry, im too new to modeling to be much help for C&C but i think it looks really good so far and is a great idea. i did some warhammer for a little while, but i stopped because i had no one to play with.

have you tried selecting all your vertices and then hitting ‘ctrl + N’ this will recalculate all your normals to face outwards. if your still left with lots of black lines over you model after this in normally means youve got double verts on top of each other somewhere or other little niggliong things like that.

Thanks for the replies. I re-rendered this image at a much higher resolution last night (5120x4096) then shrunk the image down to 640x512 to see if I could get a smoother, anti-aliased the hard way image. Here it is: