Warhammer Dark Omen Height Map for Mod tool

Hi, I help run www.dark-omen.org where we have created loads of new mods and recently a new HeightMapGenerator tool which converts a 320x296 .png greyscale heightmap image into the game file heightMap format etc… We have our 3d terrain created in Blender but need to setup an Orthographic camera to view Top Down and produce a 320x296.png heightmap image. However, my camera doesn’t seem to view the whole map but appears too zoomed into the castle front gate and if I increase the camera’s height the scene disappears, so must be something to do with my scaling perhaps?

Pay = £50 for solution

Many Thanks and Happy New Year


See attached blend


BASEFlatLoweredto1FotressAllNEw.blend (253 KB)

thanks for the effort but it doesn’t look correct when i render pressing F12 perhaps I need you to greyscale it correctly please


I am trying to produce flat ground as black and white as higher terrain like this ->




Ideally I just want fans to open this blender file and alter the 3d terrain, hit F12 to render a new height map for use with our heightmapgenerator tool.

Render gives the attached which can be adjusted with the colour ramp


BASEFlatLoweredto1FotressAllNEw.blend (257 KB)

many thanks, could you kindly configure it to also do the reverse and generate the 3d terrain based on a .png heightmap created in GIMP for making hills etc… and let me know how you wish to be paid as can definetly use your talents again soon. Is there anyway getting a better/clearer view, as the tower’s crenulations don’t look that uniform.

Happy New and Cheers!


Have you tried using the Z depth data to generate the image?

Just use the slider “Orthographic Scale” in the camera settings to change the size.
And to make terrain off a heightmap, just use the displace modifier on a subdivided plane with an image texture using the heightmap image.