Warhammer40k Chaos Marine WIP

(ulrik) #1

A 40K Word Bearer Chaos Marine I am working on in my freetime.

The glow of the eyes is too much, I will change that.

What do you think of the rest???


(scrappy) #2

this is looking sweet!!! i wouldn’t even bother with the glow in the eyes, i think its perfect. can’t wait to see the whole body done. :slight_smile:

(Bapsis) #3

Very very nice, real cool Death Adder feel to it. Definatly keep us posted as it progresses!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

([email protected]) #4

HOLY CRAP!!! you should do some characters they would rule i wanted to do one of my space wolves did you do the whole thing yourself? including the skull? thats a point would someone write a tute on how to do skulls i dont care about heads skulls are much cooler :smiley:

(ulrik) #5

Here’s a new version, I just added the backpack

I did everything myself, actually, it is my first blender-model.
I am doing technical and mainly medical animations in my job.

I wanted to see how far I come in Blender, since normally, I use Maya Unlimited. I have to admit, the picture is textured and rendered in Maya, but (besides the skull, I had that one from one of my past animations) the modelling was done in blender.

Modelling skulls is a hard thing, but in this case, it is just a low-poly skull.

I wanna do some 40K characters in the future. I did a few Necrons a while back, and now I wanted to model a Chaos Marine from which I convert other models.


([email protected]) #6

the backpack looks cool… but u need to smooth his knee lol and i think the tex u got on the horns and spikes is a bit too repetative u might want to change it… u know you should try a grav tank i think that would look awsome

(S68) #7

Very cool!

Liked it a lot


(Aksy) #8

Brighter image is better to see details…

But… Amazing :slight_smile: :smiley: :o

PS. I’m sorry my bad english skills… :-?

(Alltaken) #9

i don’t know much about 40k but your image looks good

(BgDM) #10

Veyr cool indeed. I am no expet on Warhammer, but this looks great!

I have to agree with Aksy though. Can you make a brighter render so we can see the details some more?


(blengine) #11

aw that is really cool! reminds me alot of spawn, spawn rules… dark pic =
awesome char design

(Unreality) #12

Wow! That`s pretty amazing. This might be first warhammer 40k 3d.pic i have seen… I can hardly wait to see complete picture :smiley: